4 Healthy Recipes You Can Make With Items From Your Freezer


Healthy frozen foods

Foods such as local blueberries and farm-fresh corn may still be in hibernation, but don’t give up on eating healthy: Frozen items like berries, broccoli and peas are economical and convenient-no peeling, pitting or chopping required. And for some dishes such as soups and smoothies, frozen fruit and veggies can go straight into the pan or blender without fully thawing (but do wash them, unless the package specifies they’ve been prewashed).

Best of all, they are often harvested at their peak ripeness and then quickly frozen to lock in their nutrients, antioxidants and flavour. Nutritionists say that in some instances, sub-zero produce can actually contain more nutritional value than fresh versions, which may have degraded if they had a long trip to the store. And don’t overlook frozen legumes such as edamame and lima beans, which provide a nutritional windfall including healthy amounts of dietary fibre.

As these recipes show, frozen fruit and veggies can play a starring role in all of your meals, from breakfast to dessert.

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