Mother’s Day: Honouring moms

Are you a flower person or do you prefer brunch? Is it a family event or just another day? Mother’s Day is fast approaching and many Canadian mothers say that missing her special day is the worst thing you can do.

Mother’s Day is one of the top three commercial holidays. Despite this, many mothers claim to receive some pretty horrible gifts. (Things not to get your mother: kitchen utensils, appliances, cleaning products, vacuums and irons. Fathers of younger children, take note!) However, a recent survey by Ipsos Reid notes that 41 percent of Canadian mothers will take those horrible gifts over forgetting the occasion altogether.

The point of Mother’s Day is to celebrate moms and all that they do. It’s an added opportunity and reminder to let them know how much they are loved and appreciated (and yes, this should be done all year), even though we don’t always show it. It doesn’t have to require a lot of money, but it does require your time.

Some great ideas for Mother’s Day include:

• Do something with her that she wants to do. (ex.: Spending the day gardening, golfing or shopping together.)
• Facilitate her doing something that she wants. (ex.: Spa treatment.)
• Get her something that she wants, not something that she needs. (ex. Bottle of her favourite perfume.)
• Spend quality time with her.

What would you most like to receive for Mother’s Day? What will you be doing with your mom this Mother’s Day?