Events: Look after your health for World Heart Day

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According to the World Heart Federation, 17.1 million people die from cardiovascular disease each year. It’s the world’s number one killer, accounting for 29 percent of yearly deaths. To recognize this global disease, World Heart Day was created in 2000, and takes place annually on Sept. 29.

Earlier this month, delegates met at a United Nations conference on non-communicable diseases to consider strageties to prevent the largely lifestyle- and diet-related illnesses that have become global killers. Cardiovascular disease, along with cancer, chronic lung diseases and diabetes are the four main non-communicable diseases responsible for the increasing number of deaths worldwide.

To protect your heart, practise these four simple actions recommended by the World Heart Federation:
Ban smoking from your home
Stock your home with healthy food options
Be active
Know your numbers

And for more healthy living strategies, visit our Heart Health section.

What healthy lifestyle changes have you made recently?

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