The ultimate fat-blasting workout

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Banish stubborn fat

Ever grabbed a chunk of your flesh and lamented, “How do I get rid of this?” As a fitness trainer, I can tell you it’s one of the questions I get most from women. And invariably it’s our soft tummy or hips, wobbly upper arms, thick thighs, widening bum-or all of the above.


Yes, it is possible to get rid of fat if you have the right overall plan-and we’ve got that workout for you. Best Health, along with Sherri McMillan, a Canadian personal trainer and the owner of Northwest Personal Training in Washington State, designed a program of seven exercises that tone your thighs, butt, triceps and core. Follow the cardio prescription; do these exercises; eat a high-fibre, healthy diet; and you will see results within eight to 10 weeks! (Before starting any new fitness program, speak to your doctor to see if it’s safe for you.)

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