Best Health Magazine: October 2014

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Is ‘oil pulling’ good for your oral health? ‘ Three vegan protein supplements ‘ Why being ‘hangry’ is bad for your relationship ‘ An antioxidant-packed smoothie ‘ Healthy reads ‘ Step It Up! Try this dynamic warm-up stretch ‘ Three amazing freebies ‘ How to boost cartilage ‘ Human foods your dog can safely eat ‘ The latest studies on family health ‘ Eco-friendly beauty picks ‘ A counter­intuitive workout ‘ Natural lubricants

Best Health Challenge 2014

26 Come On, Canada! Be inspired by the stories of women across the country who get active to support a cause. We want to hear from you, too! Send us your pictures and stories of a physical challenge you took on for charity.
28 A Trainer’s Advice Working toward a fitness goal? Brent Bishop offers nutrition tips to help you reach it.

Look Great

32 Staff-Tested We tried out nine options for shiny, healthy hair.
34 Cozy & Chic The latest looks in sweaters and boots.
38 Kitchen Cures for Glowing Skin Easy DIY scrubs, peels and masks.
39 Paradise, Home and Away Two dreamy spa destinations.
42 Beauty Bar Makeup, skin­care and fragrance picks.
43  ’How I Learned to Smile at the Dentist’s’ One woman shares how she conquered her fear.
Online bonus: Find out six odd, yet effective, ways to clean your teeth.
46 Help Me, Rhonda Our Beauty Editor looks into ‘red light therapy.’
47 Classic Beauties A roundup of the season’s bold new lipsticks.

Get Healthy

50 10-Minute Tuneups™ Get a toned derrière with this targeted workout.
54 The Sweet Truth How safe are sugar substitutes? We sifted through the latest research to find out.
58 Healthy Canada Get out and enjoy our cities! This issue: Quebec City.
60 Trailblazers Check out the latest running shoes; they have enhanced traction.
62 Thieves in the Night Expert advice to help you beat the most common sleep problems.
Online bonus: Find out about even more sleep stealers.

Eat Well

68 Cranberries It’s harvest time! Stock up on these berries now.
71 A Dietitian’s Advice Sue Mah’s tips for getting kids to talk during mealtimes.
77 Quick Fixes Dinners you can make in less than 30 minutes.
Online bonus: For other quick and healthy recipes, visit
80 The World’s Best Diet Research just keeps on proving the many benefits of the Mediterranean diet’here’s what it’s all about (recipes included!).
Online bonus: Get more healthy Mediterranean recipes.
86 Community Kitchen A reader shares her favourite carrot & lentil soup recipe.
88 Dish Do-Over Healthier, guilt-free versions of some classic comfort foods.
Online bonus: Get three more Dish Do-Over recipes.
94 Two for One These one-pot recipes from fresh-food chef Paul Finkelstein make great dinners, and are perfect for lunch the next day.

Embrace Life

102 Profiles in Courage The latest advances in breast cancer treatments. Plus, how the disease actually enriched the lives of four women.
Online bonus: Read about a man’s experience with breast cancer.
Online bonus: October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and there are many limited-edition products to help raise funds for this cause. See our selection here.
108 Young Yoga How ‘tween yoga’ can give girls a boost in confidence.
Online bonus: Get eight yoga moves that will boost your energy.
111 The Clutter Cure Stressed by the mess? Try these steps to gain control.
114 The Chemistry of Happiness A medical doctor explains how you can boost your ‘happiness hormones’ naturally.
117 Ask A Sex Therapist ‘I’m too tired for sex with my husband. Help!’
118 BH Minute Our Editor’s picks of the issue’s top tips.
120 My Healthy Life Chef and TV host Jo Lusted.