3 Talented Perfumers That Are Revolutionizing The Industry

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Noses To Know

Listing your favourite perfumes and 
when you first wore them? Easy. Naming 
the “nose” behind the scents of your life? Um, well, gee…. 
You’re not alone. Most of us don’t know the people behind our favourite fragrances – until now, that is.

Fragrance is one accessory that many of us insist on wearing every single day – we don’t feel dressed without it. Ironic, then, that these personal and intimate signatures we’ve come to claim as our own have long and storied backgrounds that we know so little about.
Who are the lucky few who decide which notes will play in the background of our daily lives?

Referred to as “noses,” they are a small, undoubtedly mysterious group who can relate smells to emotions and, in many cases, recall the scents of hundreds of natural and synthetic ingredients and accords. They pour over “juices,” often for years, to eventually create the perfumes that thousands of people experience as the backdrop to some of their most beloved moments. We’d like to introduce you to a few of our favourites.

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